About us


The Japan Art Documentation Society (JADS) was founded in April 1989, with the object of promoting the development of art documentation and resolving problems related to such matters within and outside Japan. This was undertaken in a spirit of partnership and co-operation with libraries, museums, institutions for art study, related media and various other associated organizations concerned In 1999, JADS became a member of the 18th Term Registered Academic Societies (Information and Arts) of the Science Council of Japan.

Currently, we have around 300 full and student members, including librarians, curators, students of art history, media representatives and computer specialists. Thus JADS may be described as a new-type, inter-professional study group which goes beyond the bounds of conventional frameworks such as libraries and museums.

Although our principal activities are centered on problems related to so called art library, we are also addressing various other issues such as the construction of an image database, applicable to many fields.

JADS also has a system of associate membership encouraging the participation of institutions and organizations, and currently around thirty institutions are so registered.

Benefits of Members

Members may participate preferentially in workshops, lecture meetings and tours held by JADS.
Members will receive publications including the Newsletter of the Japan Art Documentation Society (quarterly), The Bulletin of the Japan Art Documentation Society (annual) and the Directory of Members (Two copies of each publication are provided to supporting members.)
Members can access up-to-date information in the mailing list provided for the exclusive use of members (Subscriptions may be made here).

Annual membership fee (fiscal year)